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Promote your business by becoming a local Albury sponsor.
There are only 10 sponsorship positions available. The sponsor ads appear on the right side of every page on our desktop and tablet website, and they appear at the bottom of every page on our mobile website.
Albury 30 Day Impressions: 0
Yearly Price: $139.00 inc GST
Please Note: We count impressions as a group. EG, one page load equals one impression, not 10 impressions.


Currently there are 10 spots available.
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Local Sponsorship

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What Happens Next

Once you click 'Purchase Sponsorship', you will be asked to login or register and then taken to the order review and payments page.
Once your order has been paid for, we will create a campaign for you that you can see in your account page.
From there, you can upload as many ads as you like. Your ads will be displayed and statistics recorded.
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