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Adding your venue/business to our Ballarat events guide is totally free. When your venue is added to our site, we will check your Facebook page for new events daily, and if they meet our recuirements, we will add your events to our website. If your venue meets the requirements below, please submit it here. We encourage everyone to submit their venues‚ however‚ sometimes‚ even if the venue meets the requirements above‚ it might not be added. We reserve the right to make that decision. There are many other factors that we consider.

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You need your Facebook Page ID or Page Username to use this form. You can find your Page ID by going to the \'About\' Section of a page you manage, and it is at the bottom of the page. Or if your page has a username, you can use it. The username is located in the URL. Having Trouble? Google Results
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Having Trouble?

If you are having trouble adding a venue, and the venue has a Page on Facebook, please contact us. Please note, your venue must be on Facebook, and meet the requirements above.