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Crystal Awakening Intermediate Workshop (Level 2) - 2 days

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Sat 19th - Sun 20th of August 2017
9:30am (19th) - 5:30pm (20th)
Bee Free Healing
6 Pengana Court, Alexandra Hills, QLD 4161
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Crystal Awakening Intermediate Workshop (Level 2) - 2 days

Event Description

Intermediate Workshop (Level 2) - 2 days

Academy of Crystal Awakening - INTERMEDIATE WORKSHOP (by Bee Free Healing)

* Initiation and Activation of the 13 Chakra’s
* Akashic Record Mediation
* Master Crystals – connecting to the crystal Deva’s
* Crystal Healing Processes, Inner Child and Chakra Balancing
* Step by step guide to facilitate a Crystal healing
* Expanded Heart Grid
* The three waves of Healing
* The Healing Ray Crystals
* The Dynamic Healing Crystals
* Receive and Facilitate two Crystal Healings
* Certificate on completion of required healings outside the workshop
* Extensive workbook manual

About Belinda:
Belinda is a Certified Trainer of the Academy of Crystal Awakening. Completing her cettifiation with Rachelle Charman herself, in 2017. Belinda is a Reiki Master and is a Crystal Healer, soecilising in Healing after Trauma. Belinda runs many workshops within her local community in an effort to connect likeminded souls and begin each person on their own journey of happiness.

About Bee Free Healing:
Bee Free Healing believes in the ancient technique of Reiki and the ever-present energy and medicine of crystals to offer a service of healing that will restore your physical and emotional well-being. With these techniques and energies Bee Free Healing is committed to enriching your life with your own version of happiness and love and allowing you to BE FREE!

Where: Bee Free Healing: 6 Pengana Court, Alexandra Hills
When: Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th August 9.30am - 5.30pm
Cost: $360.00 ($100 Non-refundable Deposit Required at time of booking)
What to Bring:
- Massage table (if you do not have one that will be fine as we need one table between two people and you can pair with someone)
- Pillow and blanket for your comfort
- Pen and paper
- Plate of food for lunch (meat okay)
- Waterbootle for Hydration
Crystals to Bring:
3 x clear quartz - to program
20 tumble stones to chose from for healings
2 x Large Clear Quartz Points or Generators (size of your palm or bigger)
2 x Small Clear Quartz Points or Generators ( to fit in the hands)
2 x clear quartz wands or points
2 x large hematite

It is understood that some of you are new to crystal healing and will not have the listed crystals to bring. That is fine you can work with mine in the workshop and then you will know what to purchase moving forward. I will also have a selection of crystals to purchase on the day.

Book online at: https://www.beefreehealing.com.au/book-now

For more information on the Crystal Awakening Academy, please visit: http://crystalawakening.com/
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