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Our advertising platform allows you to advertise directly to our local Rockhampton audience.

How it Works

Simply choose one of our ad positions, select which months you wish to advertise, then upload your ads/images.

Real Time Statistics

During your campaign, you can see real time impressions and clicks in your account area.
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Current Site Statistics

Rockhampton · Last 30 Days
29,325 Ad Impressions
All Locations · Last 30 Days
476,126 Ad Impressions

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Site Sponsorship

Promote your business by becoming a local Rockhampton sponsor.
The sponsor ads appear on the right side of every page on our desktop and tablet website, and they appear at the bottom of every page on our mobile website.
Rockhampton 30 Day Impressions: 15,036
Yearly Price: $139.00 inc GST
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Mobile Fixed Bottom Ad

This ad is fixed to the bottom of every page viewed on a mobile device.
Rockhampton 30 Day Impressions: 4,528
Current Monthly Price: $46.00 inc GST
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Desktop Banner Ad

This ad appears mid content on all pages, except information pages like terms, login or contact us.
Rockhampton 30 Day Impressions: 9,761
Current Monthly Price: $98.00 inc GST
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Desktop Banner Ad
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