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Facebook Page Tab

Local Events on Your Facebook Page

We make it easy for you to incorporate local events into your Facebook Page, with our free and easy to use What's On Facebook Page Tab.

How It Works

You simply install our free application using the link below to a Facebook Page that you manage. Then, choose your local town, and you are finished. We look after the rest. Your Facebook Page will now have a list of upcoming events in your local area.

Try it Now

Click the button, select your page, then go to the page tab.

Please note, Facebook won't allow users on mobiles to install apps. You must be on a tablet or desktop computer.
Install the Events Page Tab
Facebook Page Tab

Step by Step Guide

1. Click the Install Button
Click the button above, or here, to start the install process. Please Note... You MUST be on a desktop PC, or Tablet. Facebook will not allow mobile installs of apps.
2. Choose Your Facebook Page
On the page that opens, there will be a dialog box, asking you to select the Facebook page where you want this Tab to appear.
This list will be made from a list of 'Pages' that you are an admin for. If you are not an admin, you will not be able to install it.
Facebook Page Tab Step 2
3. Set the Location
Once you add our application to your page (above step), then all you need to do is set your location.
To set your location, make sure you are logged into Facebook, and are the admin of the page you are trying to edit. If you are, then go to your new 'What's On' page tab, and you will see the edit location box. Choose a town or city from the available options.
Once again, only visible to page admins.
Facebook Page Tab Step 3


You have now finished the install. There are other things you can now do, but are not compulsary. EG. Change the name of the Tab, or change the tab position.
Something to keep in mind: Facebook Page tabs, are NOT available on mobile devices. So, if you share a link to your new page, then it will NOT work for mobile users. We suggest either sharing our website link to local events or one of your resources, but not the app page.

Having Trouble?

If you are having trouble installing this page tab, please contact us and we will assist you the best we can.