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What's On Website Widget Creator

Local Events on Your Website

We make it easy for you to incorporate local Sunshine Coast events into your website, with our free and easy to use What's On Website Widget.
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How It Works

You simply use the widget creator form below to create a small piece of code, place it on your website where you want local events to appear.
Once you place the code, thats it! Local Sunshine Coast events on your website, that are always up to date and maintained by us.


  • Easy to Install
  • Always Up to Date
  • Style Matches Your Site
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Events Verified by Our Team
  • Free
Whats ON Events Widget

Create an Event Widget

Choose a city/town for the events. Only events from this location will show in your widget.
Result Qty
Number of results to show in your widget. The maximum is 30.
Event Category
Narrow the displayed events by a specific category. Default is 'All Categories'. Please Note: Restricting categories increases the chances of 'No Matching Events'.
User Destination
When a user clicks for more info, do you want them to open a new window, or open in the existing window.
Color Scheme
Are you placing the widget on a dark or light colored background.

Generated Code

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Having Trouble?

If you are having trouble installing this widget, please contact us and we will assist you the best we can.