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Cross My Heart by the 2017 Senior Impact Ensemble

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Fri 13th › Sat 14th Oct 2017
7:30pm (13th) › 7:30pm (14th)
Empire Youth Arts
56 Neil Street, Toowoomba, QLD 4350
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Cross My Heart by the 2017 Senior Impact Ensemble

Event Description

after William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Directed by Ari Palani
Ensemble Members – Bridget Bailey, Sienna Davis, Bridget Fogarty, Blake Hohenhaus, Zoe Hulme-Peake, Isaiah Lee Knights, Grace Lofting, Mark Mackenzie, Hallam Maunder, Katie Paton, Jasper Pflaum, Jordon Riley, Lauren Salmond, Gabe Tiller.

What do you get when 14 teenagers pull apart one of Shakespeare’s best loved comedies? A multilayered exploration of love and relationships set across three separate timelines.

Over the last five months the 2017 IMPACT Ensemble has torn apart this famous play and figured out which bits they would like to put back together. Focusing on the characters of the lovers, these young people have found their voices through Shakespeare’s words and their own and have something they would like to share with you.

From the 16th century to modern day to an imagined dystopian future – what actually changes in the lives of young lovers mixed up in love, lust and hallucinogens? Maybe not as much as you think….

From 2017 the Senior IMPACT Ensemble comes the original work {Cross My Heart}. A work for, by and with Young People under the expert guidance of Youth Arts Director Ari Palani and Dramaturg Daniel Evans.
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