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Bread & Butter: A Rooftop Affair

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Thursday 16th November 2017
6:00pm › 12:00am
Bread & Butter
226 Crown Street, Wollongong, NSW 2500
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Bread & Butter: A Rooftop Affair

Event Description

Soak in the fresh air and join us as we drift through sunset in the picturesque Humber Rooftop. Taking you through dusk we have Daniel Bresolin and Ben Beverly (Parkside) on the roof, and a collection of local artists showcasing personal expression downstairs - making for a perfect entrance into summer

Bread & Butter is a sandwich of community. Through collective ingredients, Bread & Butter's core vision aims to develop the electronic music scene in Wollongong, while at the same time promoting local brands and talent in a positive environment.
Rest assured our butter is certified organic.

--- Rooftop ---

Ben Beverly + Daniel Bresolin (Parkside)

Bread & Butter Music

--- Bar ---

Alyce Glascott

Inspired by artists such as Del Kathryn Barton, Frida Kahlo and Vanja Vukelić Alyce Glascott is exploring the expression and power of femininity through a series of paintings and ink drawings that will be shown on the night. Currently a practicing artist based in Sydney Alyce bases her work on her growing curiosity of religion, spirituality, divinity in nature and the roles she observes of the powerful women and girls around her.

Hayden Griffith

Hayden Griffith is a film-maker and fine-art landscape photographer. His work aims to evoke conscious thought & discussion amongst people and their connection with wilderness.

Isobel Coady-Jiear

Isobel Coady-Jiear is an aspiring artist and is currently completing a Bachelor of Creative Arts, majoring in Visual Arts. Her work is based around what inspires her such as family and past events. Colour and texture are used throughout her work to explore past and present emotions and memory.

Morgannah Noble

Primarily working with fine point pen and ink Morgannah works to create highly detailed and vivid images of the human form. Crediting her imagination with the introspection of her own personal and social passions, to her bachelor of science in Psychology, fascination with figure, admiration of women and her own personal explorations of sexual and gender identity. Influenced heavily by Frida Kahlo, Morgannah's illustrations are in reaction to life, reflections of the way people she draws make her feel

Sam Cavanagh

Exploring the growing digital information and communication technology that interconnects humans, its role in collective intelligence and its influences in individuality.

Visuals: James Lidsey

16.11.17 / 6:00 – 12:00
$10 + BF ENTRY

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